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Since 2014, we at Leon Cycle have been selling electric bicycles from our Headquarters in Hanover, Germany, under the brands "Leisger" and "NCM". All products are designed in Germany and manufactured in Western-Europe. 

Our main Pedelec brand is called NCM. Since its foundation in 2014, NCM's e-bikes have been stirring up the market. With a wide range of different models in the E-Trekking, E-MTB, E-Cruiser and E-Folding categories, we are quite diversified and offer both rear- and mid-motor engines, whether from our own design (Das-Kit) or from established brands such as Bafang. This versatility seems to have its finger on the pulse of the times. Rapid growth and over 17,000 e-bikes sold in 2018 prove us right.

Here are some of the reviews about our e-bike:

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