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NCM Step-Through Electric Bikes: Easy Access Riding


Step-through electric bikes, also known as low-step or open-frame electric bikes, are designed with a lower top tube or a completely absent top tube to allow for easier mounting and dismounting. Here's a breakdown of their features and benefits:

  1. Frame Design: The defining feature of step-through electric bikes is their frame design. Unlike traditional bicycles with a high top tube that requires riders to swing their leg over, step-through bikes have a lower or completely open frame, allowing riders to simply step through the bike to mount and dismount. This design is particularly advantageous for those with limited mobility, hip or knee issues, or anyone who prefers the ease of getting on and off the bike.

  2. Comfort: Step-through electric bikes are often associated with comfort. The lower frame design allows riders to maintain an upright position while cycling, reducing strain on the back and shoulders. Additionally, many step-through models come with features such as wide saddles, ergonomic handlebars, and adjustable stems to further enhance comfort during rides.

  3. Accessibility: The easy accessibility of step-through electric bikes makes them popular among a wide range of riders, including seniors, commuters, and recreational cyclists. The absence of a high top tube eliminates the need for lifting the leg high to mount the bike, making it easier and safer, especially in urban environments where frequent stops are common.

  4. Versatility: Step-through electric bikes come in various styles and configurations, ranging from city cruisers to hybrid models suitable for commuting, touring, or recreational riding. Some models even feature racks, fenders, and integrated lights for added utility and convenience.

  5. Stability: The lower center of gravity resulting from the step-through frame design enhances the stability and balance of the bike, especially at low speeds or when coming to a stop. This stability can instill confidence in riders, particularly those who may be hesitant about cycling due to balance concerns.

  6. Gender-Neutral Design: While step-through bikes were traditionally marketed towards women, modern designs aim for inclusivity by offering gender-neutral or unisex options. This shift reflects the growing recognition that ease of use and comfort are universal preferences, irrespective of gender.

  7. Electric Assist: Like traditional electric bikes, step-through electric bikes are equipped with electric motors and batteries to provide pedal-assist or throttle-based propulsion. This feature makes cycling more accessible to a broader range of riders by reducing the effort required to pedal, especially uphill or over long distances.


Frequently Asked Questions About Step Thru Electric Bikes


What is a step-through electric bike?

A step-through electric bike is designed with a low or absent top tube, making it easier to mount and dismount the bike without having to lift your leg high. This design is particularly beneficial for those with limited mobility or who prefer a more convenient and comfortable riding experience.

What are the benefits of riding a step-through electric bike?

The primary benefits include easier access, better balance, increased comfort, and the electric assist feature, which helps with hills and long distances, making cycling more accessible to a wider range of people.

Are step-through electric bikes safe?

Yes, step-through e-bikes are designed with stability in mind and often come with additional safety features such as effective braking systems, ergonomic handlebars, and sometimes integrated lights for visibility.

How do I choose the right step-through electric bike?

Consider your needs, such as the distance you plan to travel, the type of terrain, and your physical condition. Look for a bike with a comfortable seat, a reliable battery, a strong motor, and other features like gear options and suspension if you require a smoother ride on uneven paths. NCM E-Bikes offers wide range of Step-Thru Electric Bikes.

Who should consider a step-through electric bike?

Step-through electric bikes are perfect choice for riders of all ages and abilities. Commuters who dress in business attire, riders with certain physical limitations, and anyone looking for a convenient and easy-to-use biking option.

Can step-through electric bikes be used for long-distance rides?

Absolutely. Many step-through electric bikes come with high-capacity batteries that can handle long distances on a single charge. NCM Step-Thru E-Bikes provides range up to 180km.

What kind of maintenance does a step-through electric bike require?

Regular maintenance includes charging the battery, checking tire pressure, ensuring the brakes are functioning properly, and occasionally checking the motor and other electrical components. Regular bike servicing by a professional is recommended to keep it in top condition.

Are there different types of step-through electric bikes?

Yes, there are several types, including folding bikes, urban bikes for commuting, hybrid bikes for general use, and fat bikes with a step-through frame, each designed for specific purposes and loads.
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Folding Step Thru E-Bikes: NCM Paris Max, FOO F1, FOO F1 Plus, ET.Cycle F1000, ET.Cycle F720
Fat Step Thru E-Bikes: ET.Cycle T1000, ET.Cycle T720

Does step-through electric bikes go faster than regular bikes?

Yes, NCM Step-through electric bikes can go up to 32km/hr.

Do I need a license to ride a step-through electric bike?

No, you do not need a license to ride an E-Bike. All our electric bikes are road legal and comply with Australian rules and regulations. It can be ridden anywhere a regular bike can be ridden.